Simplistic Interactive Filtering Tool

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What is peco

peco is a simple tool that allows you to interactively filter your data. I know, you're going "WTF does that mean?" It's hard to explain, so proceed to the demo section if you're impatient.

Get peco

Pre-built executables can be found here:

You can get the source code from github.

If you are on OS X and are using homebrew you can just type

$ brew install peco

Other methods of downloading the peco binary are described in the above Github page. Otherwise, please go to the releases page, and download the latest one.

PLEASE DO NOT USE `go get`! If you are a Go developer and wants to fiddle with peco source, `go get` is just fine: just be sure to take note that there is a glide.yaml file, which means you should use `glide install` to get the dependencies. Otherwise, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE BINARIES, AND DO NOT USE `go get`.


Demos speak more than a thousand words! Here's me looking for a process on my mac. As you can see, you can page through your results, and you can keep changing the query:

Here's me trying to figure out which file to open:

When you combine tools like zsh, peco, and ghq, you can make managing/moving around your huge dev area a piece of cake! (this example doesn't use zsh functions so you can see what I'm doing)

If you would like to share you cool use of peco, please share it on the wiki

Further Documentation

Please see the peco README